BORKNET Software & Hardware Inc.


Software Development for PC, Mac or Mobile
Hardware Development, Custom Solutions, Prototypes, Small Batches
Professional Consulting, IT Training and Event Planning






Borknet Inc. has released it’s first professional Android App on Google Play: Aircraft Cockpit

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Thank You for Coming!

Welcome to the Internet presence of Borknet Inc., your partner in customer specific and customer focused solution development. It is our hope that browsing these pages will clarify what we can do for you, or, what you can do for us.

Our services include general development of computer software spanning PC to mobile applications, as well as electronic circuit development and their programming. This in-depth knowledge enables us to also offer consulting and training services.

At Borknet Inc. it is all about solutions. Our solutions are not mass productions. None is like the other. They are customer and issue driven, comprised from customized and unique components for unparalleled efficiency.

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